Canvas Stadium: New Belgium Porch

The new Colorado State Stadium is home to the New Belgium Porch, a unique outdoor terrace that offers Rams’ fans a one-of-a-kind tailgating experience. New Belgium, a Fort Collins-based brewery, sponsors the space and gives fans access to their local craft beers on game-day and non-game day alike. The open north end zone consists of two large grand staircases on either side of the New Belgium Porch, allowing fans to arrive at a single concourse with a continuous connection to the game and back to campus. The open concept party deck integrates drink terraces and offers an intimate and immersive view of the game. This unique idea of bringing the tailgating to the field allows the experience to continue throughout the entire game. The New Belgium Porch welcomes 1,200 additional fans to the site and provides a space for the community to gather year round.

Photo Credit: 
Christy Radecic

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