Circa Las Vegas

Circa Sports’ crown jewel is their 3-story tall 130+ foot wide main LED wall. "WOW!!" - The first word out of most visitors’ mouths, doesn’t begin to describe how this Godzilla Size Screen puts you IN THE GAME! Or more specifically, IN THE GAMES! It can display more than 30 high-definition feeds at one time.  The screen-- if it has a limit-- seems to be based on available worldwide sporting channels not on screen size.

The Side Screen Data Wall while not as big as the main screen the technology behind it is also a real WOW! The Data Wall shows real time status of all major sporting events with up-to-date odds. Just collecting the data is impressive but then displaying it in a comprehensive fashion for their patrons and linking it to their app demonstrates immense interconnectivity. Circa is using technology to bring fans physical and emotionally into the game.

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Circa Las Vegas
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