A Conversation with Christian Lau, LAFC

Sports Venue Business and ALSD International’s Katie McIntyre sits down with the Chief Technology Officer at LAFC to discuss a roadmap to reopening Banc of California Stadium, contactless fan journeys, mobile payments, and modifications to premium areas.


In this video interview, Christian Lau talks us through his career journey leading to LAFC and Banc of California Stadium. He discusses some of the primary objectives for the club and its venue over the coming years, inclusive of technology installations accelerated by COVID-19 requirements, but also safety measures that will live beyond the current pandemic.

Lau confirms relationships with multiple new partners who are advancing fan security through crowd intelligence platforms and systems to get fans in and out of facilities safely. He also points to technology solutions as means to maintaining high-quality guest experiences across all levels of Banc of California Stadium despite physical distancing requirements.

This interview content has been reproduced courtesy of Sports Venue Business.