Creative Flexibility for the Suite and Season Ticket Base

Delia Willms outlines how the Texas Rangers are serving their suite and season base with a wide range of opportunities.

Every premium client is different, especially in 2021, and the Texas Rangers have adopted a flexible strategy when it comes to accommodating the range of policies their suite holders maintain.

Delia Willms, Director of Suites and Premium Services for the Rangers, outlines some of the creative ways clients are choosing to utilize their premium assets.

"[We are] figuring out different ways for them to use their suites, whether it be for their VP's families, versus entertainment or client entertainment, or employee entertainment" she notes. "Things have gone more towards families and smaller groups. We've also had a lot of people that have used them for foundations, donating to our Texas Rangers Foundation, and generally donating to different charities along the way."

New considerations have pushed the Rangers into increased dexterity and in turn nurtured even closer relationships with clients.

"We’re hearing the things that they've been facing during our conversations. We’re getting to know them, getting to talk to them more on a personal level, what they're going through, what their company is going through, and how we can help them in different ways."

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