David Broughton

David Broughton
Research Director
Sports Business Journal

David began evaluating the fan experience as a child growing up in the geographic center of Heaven (Fenway Park) and Hell (Montreal’s Olympic Stadium).

He is now in his 25th season as Sports Business Journal’s Research Director, where he has chronicled hundreds of venue development projects, served as mascot during a pro baseball game (yes, it’s hot in there), covered events from three different blimps (no, there’s no bathroom), and recently spent six months building an algorithm to rank the best markets in the U.S. to conduct sports business.

His personal sports tourist resumé includes attending a spring training game at five ballparks in 32 hours; an 24-hour NFL/NHL/WNBA spree; a 1993 unguided tour of Barcelona’s Olympic Stadium (they shouldn’t have left that gate unlocked); and last month he made a 15-hour round-trip drive to catch a Triple AAA ballgame and MLS match in the same day.