FLAT Tech Inc.

1900 E. Golf Road, Suite 950
Schaumburg, IL 60173

Contact Name: Nils Hughes

We know how hard it is to create a great game experience. Wobbly and misaligned tables can ruin that experience in an instant.

At FLAT, we have developed a range of table bases that automatically stabilize on uneven surfaces. Our table bases also allow the users to perfectly align adjoining tabletops when tables are brought together – ideal when catering for groups.

We have over 40 styles of tables to choose from, including a range of height adjustable tables which raise and lower with the press of a lever.

For your existing (wobbly) tables, suites can consider using our retrofittable FLAT Equalizers. Equalizers replace the screw-in feet found under most tables and stabilize the table with a press on the tabletop.

Save time, money and improve the experience for your guests with FLAT!