Ford Field

The Detroit Lions are improving the in-person gameday experience at Ford Field with 21 new LED video displays to be designed, manufactured, and installed by Daktronics of Brookings, South Dakota. The 21-display system will feature more than 26,000 square feet of displays with more than 28.1 million LEDs ready to make fans roar when the 2017 season kicks off.

In each end zone, the main video displays will be more than twice the size of the existing displays and large enough to show a life-sized Spirit of Detroit six times. Each main display will measure 39.5 feet high by 152 feet wide and feature a 13HD pixel layout, the premier technology for professional football applications to show vibrant, crisp imagery with wide-angle visibility for a great view from any seat in the stadium.

Flanking the main displays, four additional displays will measure 13 feet high by 59 feet wide and feature the same 13HD pixel layout. These displays can be used individually or coordinated with the main displays for one continuous 270-foot presentation to show live video, instant replays, statistics, graphics and animations, and sponsorship messages.

Unique to Ford Field, two super-column displays will be installed. Measuring 36.5 feet high by 62.5 feet in circumference, these displays will feature six-millimeter line spacing to provide additional graphics and statistics that fans crave at every event.

Three large ribbon displays will be mounted along the fascia of Gate A to welcome event goers and create an engaging atmosphere for fans while they are away from their seats in the concourse of the stadium.

An additional four ribbon displays will be installed along the seating fascia, totaling more than 5,000 feet in length. The four displays, two in each end zone, will be mounted to the back of the main displays to further engage fans throughout the stadium and highlight sponsors during any event.

Backlit “Ford Field” signage will be mounted above the video displays in each end zone to provide prominent branding during all events held at the stadium.

Prior to the 2016 regular season, the team partnered with Meyer Sound to make temporary improvements to Ford Field’s sound system. In the coming months, they will install the full LEO Family Linear Sound Reinforcement System to replace the original stadium sound system in its entirety.

It will feature eight array clusters with 182 separate loudspeakers, including 42 LEO-M loudspeakers, 60 LYON loudspeakers, 24 JM-1P loudspeakers, 18 UPQ loudspeakers, 24 high-powered 1100LFC subwoofers, and 14 Galileo Galaxy processors – their first fully networkable loudspeaker processor that harnesses open-source AVB technology to extend new levels of audio control which drives and aligns loudspeaker systems in multiple zones.


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