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The Detroit Lions enjoy a successful “Reserve Early and Save” campaign for suite rentals, where the team offers suite rental buyers the opportunity to lock in the best possible pricing on suites. The Lions dynamically increase the price of suites at Ford Field, but the team will never discount them to deliver on this promise.

In this email campaign, the Lions specifically target all current season ticket members, all past club buyers (2014-2017), all past suite rental accounts (Lions and non-Lions events; 2014-2017), all past premium web inquiries (prospects who proactively submitted interest in receiving premium information; 2014-2017), and all current and past suite holders, who may be interested in purchasing an additional rental for a particular game.

The emails flow through the organization’s CRM system, with messages appearing personalized to recipients from their dedicated account reps, which helps open rates as well as creates the perception that the rep is keeping the prospect in the loop regarding this special offer.

What isn’t measurable in this data is the power of reconditioning the marketplace to purchase as early as possible to receive the best possible pricing, which will only increase as the game approaches. There is no benefit to the prospect to wait to purchase the suite until a later date.

Email Metrics:

  • Total Email Targets: 10,946
  • Open Rate: 55.3%
  • Click Rate: 7.8%
  • Results: 13 Rental Suite Sales, Totaling $165,429

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