Forty Nine Degrees Talks Design Trends

Utilizing evergreen design, Forty Nine Degrees is able to fit any brand style and help add years to your facility’s graphics and design. 

The evolution of design and trends is ever-changing. In the last decade alone, design has gone from minimalism to retro to 3D. Trends come and go. They adapt to changes and undergo transformations encouraged by technological developments and social narratives.  

As a creative design firm, we at Forty Nine Degrees navigate these changes as they relate to your brand for your organization, recruits and spectators. With every year comes new trends. The question is, as a venue, team or university, are you constantly wanting to update your spaces for the ever-changing design movements? 

For some, the answer is yes. Staying trendsetting and the front runner of innovation is important to them. Using modern design styles to speak and create that experience for their recruits and fans. They see value in evolving their spaces year after year because they know that is the type of brand experience people expect. 

For others, keeping a design that will last year-after-year is more important. They tend to use history and tradition to create that experience for their constituents. Leaning on the past to encourage and inspire the future. 

Whether your brand style is modern or traditional, the current design trend, and the trend we as a design firm are pushing, is evergreen content. 

Evergreen content is any kind of content that is continually relevant, never goes out of date and stays fresh for years to come. Using clean, brand driven design that focus on logo marks, colors, typography and mantras as design assets.

At Iowa State, an evergreen design was incorporated throughout the 2021 addition to their football complex. A two-level, floor-to-ceiling reflective white wall with large dimensional lettering is the first thing seen when you enter the facility. As you continue through this new addition, the cyclone football brand is evident in a modern and long-lasting way. 

At the University of Iowa, an evergreen design was applied to their football tunnel at Kinnick Stadium. The walls were painted a moody black to create a darkened atmosphere, with large illuminated dimensional branding and messaging up and down the corridor. Sleek vertical lighting was also installed to add to the adrenaline as the players rush out onto the field. 

Another recent evergreen design was completed at the Detroit Lions facility. The collaboration between the Detroit Lions and Forty Nine Degrees produced an inspiring environment that can be felt throughout the NFL’s black and blue division. Relentless pursuit of excellence, a phrase that encompasses the will and determination of an entire organization. Forty Nine Degrees introduced a modern renovation that pays homage to Detroit Lion legends, such as Barry Sanders, and motivates prospects of the future. The design throughout the facility draws inspiration from the Lions mascot and the history of Detroit’s Motor City roots. 

Evergreen content can be modern. Evergreen content can be traditional. Evergreen content can be light and bright or dark and moody.  As space creators, our job is to deliver an experience that only your brand can give.