Golden 1 Center

When the Sacramento Kings moved into their new home at Golden 1 Center, the goal in mind was to give fans the ultimate experience at every event. From the arena down to the food, every detail was taken into consideration. For Legends Hospitality General Manager Michael Tuohy, the idea was to not only create new menus that brought different cultures, tastes, and fresh options together, but also source 90% of the food featured within 150 miles of the arena – representative of the region’s passion for locally sourced, high-quality cuisine. This commitment is a first for venues and has created a new standard for teams to achieve. 

Golden 1 Center has redefined the meaning of arena food, proving that fast food can be delicious and healthy, while featuring food from some of Sacramento’s favorite restaurants. The variety of different food options can be overwhelming as fans can choose between bierhalle bites from Lowbrau, authentic Greek food from Petra, tandoor oven-cooked Indian food from Tandoori Palace, and many other options. Golden 1 Center’s menu was designed to not only provide a variety of different foods, but also provide options to those with different dietary needs, offering numerous options for vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free diets. With 27 gluten-free options, five vegan options, and 12 vegetarian options, Golden 1 Center aims to offer many options for its visitors to choose from.

In addition to providing local, healthy food options, Golden 1 Center is proud to help incorporate the idea of sourcing locally into the beverages it serves. The arena offers over 50 kinds of beer, including arena favorites such as Heineken and Coors, as well as local craft beer. The local craft beers highlight breweries from all over the Sacramento region, all to promote the new craft beer culture within the area.

Knowing the unfavorable environmental impact that sports and entertainment events can have on a venue and the surrounding communities, Golden 1 Center and the Sacramento Kings have developed several initiatives to reduce food waste.

One of these initiatives is called “Second That,” which is a program that takes any unused/uneaten food from the arena, and distributes this food to over 200 participating partners in the Sacramento region. Not donating premade hot dogs or tacos, the Kings donated the elements for a family to make dishes like tacos with responsibly raised meat, fresh vegetables, and house-made, unused tortillas, giving families the freedom to prepare and cook food on their own. In the program’s first season, over 12,251 pounds of food was donated.

By being more aware of the entire food cycle, starting with responsible sourcing, slow food preparation/ethos, and conscious distribution with minimal waste, Golden 1 Center and the Sacramento Kings look to make positive changes to help the people and the environment of Sacramento.


Director, Public Relations
Sacramento Kings
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Sacramento Kings