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At every event, Golden 1 Center and the Sacramento Kings share the goal of creating a seamless fan experience. Through technology and design, the Kings have incorporated this goal into the way they designed their concourses to reduce the amount of time spent away from the action. With 360-degree, open, and spacious concourses that offer access to the various island and peninsula-shaped “Local Eats” stands and several team stores spread throughout the arena, guests are not forced to clutter in small spaces to get food, beverages, or apparel.

Golden 1 Center has retail stores distributed among its many levels to not only provide many different merchandise selections, but also more opportunities to get in, get some apparel, and not have to wait so long in line. Throughout the arena, fans can find the main two-story team store, an all-hat store, several smaller-sized team stores, and many portable apparel stands to show off their team spirit.

The concourses are not only wide and spacious, but they are also dynamic, and can be changed to reflect the needs of the event crowd. Because attendance varies at each event, the Golden 1 Center crew can adapt the retail spaces to reduce the traffic in the concourse, allowing guests to get the food and merchandise they want in the quickest amount of time possible.

Through the Kings + Golden 1 Center app, fans can check the different line times at their favorite local eatery stand, and can find the nearest restroom with the shortest wait time. The app even allows users to purchase food, beverages, and gear from any of the retail spaces in the arena to be delivered directly to their seats, so they don’t have to miss any of the action. 


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