Great American Ballpark, Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds
Ahead of the 2020 baseball season, Great American Ball Park, home of the Cincinnati Reds, underwent a renovation to their LED display system to introduce the first all-HDR system. A total of 12 LED displays were manufactured and installed by Daktronics to create 16,750 square feet of HDR (High Dynamic Range) digital space at the ballpark. The main video display in left field measures 40 feet high by 215 feet wide and the display in right field measures 31.5 feet high by 90.5 feet wide. The system also includes a 152-foot-wide fence display and more than 1,000 linear feet of ribbon boards. All displays feature 13HD pixel layouts to bring excellent image clarity and contrast to every seat in the venue.

HDR is the next step in bringing the best image available to viewers. While tighter pixel spacing is about more pixels, HDR is about better pixels. Standard definition shows 16.7 million colors while HDR shows more than one billion colors, a much closer match to what the human eye can see.

Daryl Mihal, Daktronics regional sales manager, spoke about the project:
“This is the first system where every LED display in the building, including the ribbon boards, will be HDR. That gives the Reds the ability to run everything under one color standard and have the incredible look that people are used to seeing. With the HDR format, the video presentations are comparable to high-definition television displays people might have in their homes.”

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