Hilton Coliseum


Iowa State University implemented a light show inside Hilton Coliseum, combining Daktronics LED displays with CUE Audio’s technology to send information to fans’ cell phones. The coordination allows fans to be a part of the intro videos before basketball games. Via audio waves, fans’ phones become part of the show by lighting up in coordination with the video displays, creating an immersive atmosphere and experience. The marketing app and promotions beforehand are key to getting everyone in the venue prepared for the exclusive moment. Tying in the video displays makes the audiovisual moment even larger and more impressive.

“I want to take our fans from being spectators to participants,” says Nathan Terry, Associate Director of Marketing for Iowa State University Athletics. “It’s a really neat technology and an interesting way to engage with fans. Coordinating with CUE Audio and Daktronics to implement the CUE into the video…, all the parties involved rallied together to get it kicked off, and it turned out to be something that our fans really enjoy.”

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