How Can Real-time Data Improve Fan Loyalty and Your Bottom Line?

How can we leverage real-time data to enhance your guest experience in-the-moment? Collecting real-time feedback from your fans on game day and taking quick action could not only streamline operations and logistics, but it can also increase revenue. The industry standard “Net Promoter Score” is often utilized to indicate your fan loyalty score, so let’s turn detractors into promoters.

Legendary coach and leader John Wooden once said: “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”

Premium Seating: Ensuring Happy Fans and Generating Leads

Premium Seat holders, Suite owners, and Sponsorship make up a huge portion of your team’s revenue. They have a lot of skin in the game, and their experience should be second to none.

So, how do you monitor every “little thing” that is happening?

Many suites are used for client entertainment so understanding more about the people in the room by collecting data is advantageous. It is crucial that suite holders are happy, and more importantly, that their guests are.

Let me give you an example from a personal experience. I was recently at a football game in a suite and since food is included, I went to make myself a plate. Sadly, the queso was cold, as was the fried chicken, and there was barely any food left. It was only the 2nd quarter so this usually isn’t the case. This was not the ideal experience we expected as premium seat holders, so my initial reaction was to immediately report my concern on behalf of the group. I told the suite attendant about the issue, but she was unable to fix the above concerns because she had no way to directly convey this information to someone who could resolve it. So how could a realtime feedback solution have made the suite experience better?

  • If the team had an integrated survey within their app or if the suite had a QR code that I could scan to leave feedback, this could send an instant trigger notification to the catering company (or operations team) letting them know my issue immediately.
  • They would be able to see if this was a one-off issue in our suite, or if other suites were having the same negative experience.
  • They could initiate a game-plan to quickly resolve these issues accordingly.
  • The QR codes and kiosks would allow the team to collect guest’s data for future reference and create lead generation opportunities.

We know that a lot of teams send post-event surveys, but since I am not the suite owner, they do not have my contact details, and therefore I did not receive a survey. And, even if I did, it wouldn’t fix my in-the-moment experience.

Operations and Logistics

Real-time feedback has never had a better use case. Collecting data is important, but how do you create actionable insights in the moment so that issues are resolved on the spot?

Triggering an alert instantly allows you to know exactly what is happening, when and where. You need the ability to be notified as soon as a certain situation occurs, so that you can reallocate time, effort, money, and resources to solving the current issues at hand and ensure that such situations do not ruin other fan’s experiences too. Know more and know quickly from an operations perspective so that you can reduce fan churn and increase delight!

How Can Dropthought Help?

Dropthought captures the fans’ emotions in the moment and triggers notifications to the responsible people, encouraging them to take quick action. The analytics dashboard is simple to understand, easy to use, and you don't need to spend hours to get meaning out of your collected data. Lastly, if you don’t have a team or enough manpower to measure what will take your team to the next level, we’ve got you covered! Our dedicated team of Customer Success Managers will help you set up your fan journey with outcome-based questions and mission critical metrics. We will set you up for the game and report your results too.

Now, how will you leverage real-time data to enhance your guest experience in-the-moment?