Jerry Kissel

Jerry Kissel
Lecturer -Sport Management
Brian Cliff University

Jerry Kissel has been part of the sports industry for more than 50 years.  It started with working for the Pittsburgh Renaissance of the American Basketball League.  Currently he is enjoying faculty status at Brian Cliff University as well as consulting duties for the new proposed National Rugby Football League.

Kissel, who earned a doctorate at Temple University in Sports Management as well as Masters degrees from St Thomas University, FL and an MBA from the University of Dallas.  He has worked in professional sports with the Detroit Tigers (MLB), Buffalo Bills (NFL), Buffalo Braves (NBA), Indiana Pacers (NBA), and the Las Vegas Quicksilvers (NASL).

He stated that the highlight of his career really has been working with some great people.  “Our leader Bill Dorsey continues in that mold.  What he started 25 years ago, has now become mainstream in the industry.  Being on the Advisory Board for ALSD is one of the highest honors in the Sports Industry.”