Kathryn (Selby) Bell

SelbyNYC | New York City

Kathryn has been working in the corporate gifting industry for close to a decade and has created products for everyone from Apple and Starbucks to Bank of America and Salesforce! Starting her career at LR Paris a luxury design firm working exclusively with the top factories in Paris, France. At LR Paris she worked to create exclusive gifts for the Redskin’s and several luxury hotels, including the iconic Plaza Hotel in New York City. Transitioning her career to the brand side, Kathryn joined S’well bottle to build an internal corporate gifting program, growing it to a 24M business in less than 2 years.

At S’well Kathryn worked with partners across multiple industries from the New Orleans Saints to fashion brands like Mara Hoffman and Gray Malin. Here she learned the importance of brand integrity and how to use a consumer product to elevate a corporate brand and tell the story of partnership.  SelbyNYC was founded in 2016 to help companies make long and lasting connections to their customers, team members and prospects through gifting. SelbyNYC is unique to the industry because not only can they create custom products, they work with leading brands in the retail space to make lasting co-branded relationships through corporate gifting. SelbyNYC is constantly working to find unique solutions to the gifting woes through extensive product offerings and creative branding techniques.


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