The O2

From the over-sized “Stage Doors” and the industrial feel of the “Backstage Bar” to the comfort of the “Green Room” cocktail lounge and the “Crew Catering” inspired restaurant, The American Express Invites Lounge at The O2 is all about making guests feel like the stars they have come to see.

The O2 is thrilled to be able to offer its guests an experience like no other in The American Express Invites Lounge. The venue wanted to create a desirable space that could give members a truly unique and exclusive experience to compliment the caliber of entertainment available at the arena. Now guests will not only get the best seats in the house, but also the privilege and glamour of the full backstage experience, creating an unforgettable night out for all VIPs.

The lounge was designed by Brighton-based firm Platform Group.


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Blake Ezra and Jim Stephenson
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