One Quick and Easy Way to Grow Confidence in Premium Sales Reps

Jeff Gould describes a simple piece of training any team can deploy to teach business fundamentals to young sales reps, giving them the self-assurance and know-how to pursue big accounts across multiple industries.


Many sales reps in premium departments across the industry are young and have only worked in sports. Most are hungry and capable, but because they lack experience in the business world, they don’t necessarily possess the financial vocabulary to communicate with top executives or know how to navigate the waters where the big fish swim.

One seemingly obvious, but oft overlooked, place sports and entertainment organizations are turning to for help is internally. More and more teams are using their own C-level executives or asking their top clients to speak with sales teams to teach them the inner workings of successful companies.

“While we don't need to be experts on banks and financial institutions, whatever it may be,” says Jeff Gould, Director of Premium, Membership, and Suite Sales for the San Diego Padres, “you need to have some semblance of how they execute.”

Are you new to the sports and entertainment industry? Are you a veteran looking to brush up on the fundamentals?

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