PPG Paints Arena Hall of Favs

Imagine going to a game and being able to get all your favorite food items, regardless of type or brand, in one place and at one time. Insert, Hall of Favs at PPG Paints Arena. Think of the Hall of Favs brand as the “Taste of PPG Paints Arena,” where we identify the most popular items in the building, including proprietary menu items, partner concepts and even regional or national brands, and offer them all in one convenient place.

Designing and building Hall of Favs required a complete overhaul of two existing concession stands and an adjacent bar to create a thoughtfully configured space that eliminates traditional walk-up window service and reduces lines. Additionally, to reduce friction and increase speed of service, Hall of Favs is fully tech-enabled. All orders at Hall of Favs are placed at self-order kiosks or via mobile ordering and then picked up in designated pick-up windows. From the guest journey and service style to the flexible kitchen space and menu engineering, Hall of Favs is about the fan experience above all else.

Paying homage to the growth in food halls and the all-time greats in sports, the Hall of Favs brand strategically features digital signage and technology elements that give us the important ability to add and replace items as consumer preferences shift. Hall of Favs officially made its debut on Sept. 27, 2021 for the first Penguins preseason game in Pittsburgh.

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