Ruby Newell-Legner, CSP

Fan Experience Expert
7 Star Service

Fan Experience Expert, Ruby Newell-Legner, offers 7 Star Service solutions to amplify your brand and bottom-line. Through consulting and training she has designed customized staff development programs for more than 1000 businesses ranging from 29 professional sports teams to the only 7 Star Hotel in the world.  From Denver to Dubai, Ruby brings unprecedented expertise and insight on how to create a service culture that motivates employees and promotes fan loyalty and retention.

Clients that have followed Ruby’s 7 Star Service Proprietary Process have seen the following results:

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction Ratings by 17%

  • Improved Secret Shopping Scores to consistent perfect scores in multiple venues

  • Amplified repeat business by19%

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction so much that investors approved a $1 Billion Expansion

  • Expanded their Season Ticket Holders from 4,000 to 14,000

  • Increased revenue in one year by 16%

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