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On 03 October 2018, the ScotiaClub opened as part of the Scotiabank Arena renovation. It was the first experience change since Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment agreed to an $800 million, 20-year sponsorship with Scotiabank in August 2017. Scotiabank Arena is Canada’s premier sports and entertainment venue. As well as hosting some of entertainment’s top names, Scotiabank Arena is home to world-class ice hockey and basketball franchises with the NHL’s Toronto Maple Leafs and NBA’s Toronto Raptors. MLSE and Scotiabank engaged London-based 20.20 to help realise a new era for this iconic venue.

Previously the Air Canada Lounge, the newly renamed flagship ScotiaClub is a four-plus star space with laid-back premium dining, stylish loge suites, and fan-focused details throughout. To ensure the VIP experience considered the whole journey, Gate 2 transformed into the Scotiabank Premium Entrance, reflective of the status and importance of the guests to ScotiaClub.

Ensuring added value was created in the new ScotiaClub, previously standard “rail seats” converted into exclusive loge suites. The best seats in the ScotiaClub experience offer four to six guests a semi-private space with the best views into the bowl, as well as dedicated hosting service and early access to Maple Leaf and Raptor events. Each loge suite features bespoke, original storytelling artwork that celebrates iconic pulse-raising moments from the arena, all giving the space an authentic feel with a laid-back, high-quality offering.

Storytelling is not just reserved for the loges. The club environment is atmospheric and engaging with subtle storytelling fabricated into the space, celebrating not just the teams, but the city of Toronto. A series of prints celebrate both teams and the city, making every fan feel instantly at home. The design language of the space and its identity takes inspiration from Scotiabank branding with design cues taken from sporting events.

With great seats and access to an elevated food and beverage offer, the ScotiaClub is perfect for those guests who want to get in on the action with a little more comfort. ScotiaClub members also have the opportunity to experience an exclusive concourse known as The ScotiaClub Gallery. Overlooking the buzz of the arena fan thoroughfares, guests have access to VIP facilities without straying too far from the action.

Project Partners:

20.20 set the overall experience master plan and the first design concepts, working alongside:

  • Gensler: Implementation Architect
  • Govan Brown: Fit-Out Contractor
  • Bensimon Bryne: Master Brand Identity
  • Icon: External Signage

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