Service Training

Customers may rave about your products. They may love your prices. They visit because you're the closest to their seats. However, all these can be matched by a competitor on the next concourse.

As venue and event managers, handling logistics is what we do. However, the pandemic has required venue managers to reassess every aspect of operations. We must take a proactive approach to the current reopening process to better prepare for the future.

Sports are back! Well, almost. It is certainly looking good, hopes are high, and there is a growing light at the end of the tunnel. As we welcome a return to relative normalcy, it begs the question: Are you focused on the next chapter in fan engagement?

The dawn of a new day in sports has arrived, and top-notch venues must understand the power and purpose of the Peak-End Rule. Fan retention, renewals, referrals, and revenue are all highly connected to this reality in the marketplace of tomorrow.

We wine and dine our premium prospects. We sell our prime real estate to them. They “move in”, and we visit them during the season and invite them to some events our team hosts. During the holidays, we send them a gift.

Like you, I have not encountered these specific circumstances. However, I can share past situations (natural disasters and work stoppages) that were unexpected and hit us hard from a business operations standpoint.

The truth is you can connect with your prospects and buyers, and you should.

Please share this information with anyone who might be interested in learning how to be a better presenter. The sessions were recorded in 2010, but the content is timeless.

Crisis. Pandemic. These words are not ones that typically flow off the tip of your tongue. We’re currently in the middle of an ever-evolving landscape in sports business.

We exited the plane without talking. We walked toward the terminal, and a security guard motioned to me to stay in line. I didn’t even know there was a line.

Immediately following the suspension of league operations, we asked 200 NHL fans from around the country to identify their favorite teams.

Customer service providers must be ready to innovate their service mindset to give their businesses a competitive edge. Incorporating all customer interactions is what I call the SmartService Model. By deploying this model, a company better navigates its culture, processes, and employee training in this ever-changing business world, where the total experience is what connects the brand to its customers.

If you are reading this article, you are undoubtedly someone with a role and responsibility to attract and retain fans. You are also someone who knows all too well the obstacles and opportunities that accompany such a vital role.

I’ve had the pleasure of working not just with sports and entertainment, but also with the hotel industry over the past ten years.

It’s renewal time. What are our steps to get our clients to renew? We get them a great gift. We invite them to an event. We visit them in their suites. We send or deliver an invoice. Yet we still can’t get to that elusive 90%-100% renewal rate.