The Sizzle: Pockets of Revenue

An interview with Scott Heim, President of Middleby Ventless Cooking Solutions.

Middleby has been participating in ALSD for several years now. You’ve grown your offerings in the years we’ve known you! 

During the several years participating at the ALSD Conference, we've grown our whole Ventless Action Station. 

What are the key benefits and valuable functions about the Middleby Ventless systems? 

I want to hit three key benefits. 

  1. The number one benefit with the Ventless Action Station: You as the stadium and arena operator can create pockets of revenue anywhere, whether it's in the convention areas, the corporate suites, even in the concession areas, you don't have to worry about the location. More importantly, you can determine where to locate these pockets of revenue.
  2. Number two: Let's say you realize, “Wait, I don't want to be in that location after a season or two. I want to move to somewhere else in that arena or stadium.” You can do that because the entire eventless portfolio is portable, and you're not constrained by a Type 1 Hood. So, you can move that equipment wherever you want to go.
  3. The third thing that I really want to stress: Why in the world put the culinary team behind in the back of the house? The sights, the sounds, and the sizzles; that is what the fan wants. And whether it's the Gen Z or the Millennials, they want to see the food being cooked. It reinforces the freshness message, and you can do a little bit of customization as well.

You have no limitations in terms of what you do on the culinary menu and we're exceedingly proud of the fact that almost 340,000 pieces of ventless equipment are in restaurants globally. We're really looking forward to helping you with your new concepts with ventless cooking in your stadium or arena.