Start Selling More Effectively to Corporate America

Nick Mann explains his team’s tactical migration from cold calls to email campaigns when reaching out to prospective corporate buyers.


The New England Revolution has dramatically changed its tactics for soliciting new business.

“When we deal with selling to Corporate America, our guys do not make phone calls anymore,” says Nick Mann, Associate Vice President of Sales for the Revolution. “We do all of our prospecting through email, which a lot of people would look at strangely.”

Mann and his premium sales team at the Revolution have thrown out the cold call model, replacing it with targeted email campaigns that circumvent gatekeepers and land more appointments with qualified prospects.

The learning curve for sales reps to pick up the email tool (ZoomInfo) is short and simple – less than 30 minutes.

“It is not rocket science,” Mann says. “I can teach it to somebody very quickly… Then we can actually train [reps] on the things that we think truly matter, which is running an appointment.”

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