SunTrust Park: Club Spaces

Champions Suites

  •     12 private suites behind Homeplate
  •     As close to Homeplate as you can get, within in suite, in all of MLB, just 25 rows from the field.  Only one team has suites closer
  •     Private concourse with personal concierge service
  •     Suites that feature outdoor seating for 24 people with sliding glass doors that open all the way the way up to give the fans the full baseball experience
  •     Interior design perfect for networking and socializing, with lounge area in the back, granite bar and high boy tables
  •     Wood beams flank the ceiling, to give the space a southern cabin vibe while still creating an upscale feel for business. Beams were salvaged from Georgia
  •     Suites come with 24 tickets, 6 parking passes, food credit and up to 8 SRO’s.
  •     Concourse features one of a kind artwork from Richard Sullivan
  •     23-inch fully-padded exterior seats that are the largest in MLB

Delta Sky 360 Club/SunTrust Club

  •     One of the premier club spaces in all of sports
  •     Two of the nation’s biggest companies sponsor the spaces
  •     Delta Sky 360 Club (Executive/Chairman seats)
  •         Includes art work made from Delta pins, wings, etc
  •         Gold Glove wall
  •         Silver Slugger awards
  •         One of kind art work
  •         Broken up into sections for a different feel within the same space
  •             Buffet
  •             Sports bar
  •             Concession space with stone pizza oven
  •         Roughly 1,600 seats have access to this space
  •         Spacious, smart and exclusive environment
  •         Signature bar, as well as two auxiliary bars near the entrances to the outdoor seating
  •         Exhibition cooking stations
  •         In-seat service
  •         21” high backed padded seats
  •         All-inclusive food & beverage (beer & wine included)

    SunTrust Club

  •         The most exclusive club in SunTrust Park
  •         160 total seats, nothing closer in MLB
  •             Every two seats separated by a small table with a TV on it
  •         Club within the Club, guests enter through a sperate door that is in the Delta Sky 360 Club
  •         All-inclusive, including beer, wine and liquor drinks
  •         Personal concierge staff
  •         Menus that change daily, with features from the visiting team
  •         Wine lockers for guest
  •         Two bars, flanking each side of the space
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