SunTrust Park: Suites

SunTrust Park is home to 38 private suites that embody a best-in-class MLB fan experience for Atlanta Braves’ fans. The Populous team reimagined a typical suite layout by moving hospitality toward the field and creating a luxe lounge grouping at the back for social interaction. Butterfly matched, antique marble slabs compose the centralized island, creating order and grounding each space. Thoughtfully placed indirect lighting solutions were also integrated throughout to accentuate the layering of texture and color. The attention to detail throughout the millwork design allowed for a seamless integration of the appliances and amenities.

The culture and history of the Braves team are deeply evident in the suites’ design. This is represented in even the smallest of details, such as the locally curated original artwork. Hand cleft, antique heart pine beams produced by a local craftsman add a layer of southern sophistication that is rooted in regional culture.

In the suites of SunTrust Park, patrons can come together and enjoy the ball game in a rich, premium space that feels authentic to the Braves’ brand. Since opening a year ago, the ballpark has been embraced by the city of Atlanta as a new classic, resulting in increased revenue, year-round engagement and a strong sense of community pride.

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