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We send annual holiday gifts to our Premium Seating members and sponsors, and this year we decided on the Turkey Cake (as we affectionately call it).  The cakes were created and delivered by arena partner Freed’s Bakery. Freed’s has been featured on the Food Network for their custom cake designs, so was a pretty cool process to be a part of.

We decided on the Turkey Cake for several reasons:

  1. We gifted these the week before Thanksgiving 2020, so we were in the middle of Covid and budgets were slashed.  We were fortunate enough to be able to trade the cakes; thus, allowing us to give clients and partners a really unique gift, but also getting Freed’s in front of the arena’s highest caliber of partners.  It was a win-win for everyone.


  1. Since we were shut-down due to Covid, we thought it was important to give something lighthearted and fun. We wanted people to smile, which, at that time, people weren’t doing enough.  And based on the feedback we received, we did just that!  We got so many kind thank you notes from people saying the cakes made their day and recipients would even send pics of them cutting into the cake with their kids and family. It ended up being special on so many levels.


  1. I’m a big believer in non-traditional gifts, so I wanted to send something totally unexpected. You don’t expect to open a cake box and see an actual cake in the shape of a Thanksgiving dinner.  The timing of the cake the week before Thanksgiving also allowed our team to send messages of “thanks” to everyone. With the uncertainty of Covid, the cake gave us the opportunity to personally reach out to clients and partners to let them know we were thinking of them.
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