Think Differently About Premium Seat Holder Amenities

Elizabeth Godek describes how the Detroit Pistons don’t look at premium benefits as the same benefits offered to season ticket holders, slightly elevated. They offer a completely different, unique set of benefits to premium clientele.


Teams across all sports leagues are challenged with providing discerning premium clients with benefits that are elevated above what is offered to regular season ticket holders. Oftentimes, amenities common to sports stadiums and arenas simply do not resonate with premium clientele.

“Ultimately, one of the answers could be having completely different sets of benefits,” says Elizabeth Godek, Vice President of Premium & Membership Development for the Detroit Pistons. “Don’t take your cookie cutter set of benefits you have for season ticket members and try to make two or three of them a little bit better for premium. There should be an entirely different menu so to speak of benefits.”

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