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Providing a top-notch, white-glove experience to suite owners who pay top dollar for luxury suites is paramount. Ungerboeck’s Suite Management portal is a digital tool for not only providing that enhanced customer experience, but also increasing operations efficiency and driving additional revenue. It is a one-stop shop for suite ordering, communication, payments, and account management.

Through the portal, venue managers can tailor content and menus for each event so that suite owners only see and order items available for particular events. In addition to enabling staffs to manage long-term and single-event suite inventory, venue teams can access information, check show-based task lists, place additional orders, and even bill both organizations and individuals for a single event.

But that’s not all. Suite owners can distribute event tickets, collect information, and manage attendees via the mobile application, even at the last minute.

Ungerboeck’s Suite Management portal is live and currently in use. Take a look at what Lara Burnes, General Manager – Premier Events & Experiences at Melbourne & Olympic Parks has to say about the product in this interview with Sports Venue Business.

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