University of Cincinnati Nippert Stadium

The 115,000-square-foot Nippert Stadium renovation project had two major goals: enhance the fan experience and strengthen the quality of the campus. This project on the University of Cincinnati’s confined urban campus raises the standard for collegiate stadium facilities. The dramatic architecture contributes to the distinctive surroundings by delivering a showcase building for the university and improving the gameday and non-gameday environment for fans, all while being located on a tight site.

All interior design aspects reinforced the overall building’s aesthetic that highlights a large, diagonal truss system that conveys the overall scale of the building in each space. The diagonal geometry of the structure is also elaborated at a finer level of detail in the ceiling and floor patterns on each floor level.

Interior spaces are visually open, with abundant daylight and dramatic views of the field and the surrounding campus that makes for a memorable experience. The predominantly white interior reinforces the transparent nature of the building, with only the occasional flash of UC Red and rich wood in the side walls and floors of the suites.


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Jeremy Bittermann. Design by Heery.

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