U.S. Bank Stadium

As the Minnesota Vikings prepared for the opening of U.S. Bank Stadium in 2016, they wanted to create a unique space for fans. Located in the northwest corner of the stadium, the Vikings Voyage provides fans with an interactive experience that includes virtual reality, personalized RFID check-in, and a first-of-its-kind OLED equipment display.

Designed and built by Dimensional Innovations and funded by the Vikings, the Voyage is free for fans of all ages and open during all Vikings events. Within the innovative space, fans have the opportunity to participate in combine-themed events, including catching passes while wearing a virtual reality Vikings helmet, running the three-cone drill against a current Vikings player’s pace, and hitting a tackling sled that measures impact force. The space allows fans to track scores and compete against others at the various stations by wearing bracelets connected to the RFID system.

Along with competitive games, the Voyage includes a full-size ship hull that features a 30-foot projection screen displaying historic and modern-day Vikings footage. Fans will learn about the history of the Vikings uniform and pads through a transparent OLED uniform interactive – the first of its kind in an NFL stadium – that showcases changes in equipment and materials over the course of the franchise’s history. Rounding out the space is a museum experience, featuring memorabilia, infographics, and photos.


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