Venue Twin

Venue Twin by OnePlan is the hyper-realistic and fully interactive digital twin of any stadium or arena. It's a club's 'second stadium', unlocking operational and commercial benefits including advanced 3D SuiteView and SeatView tools for the most advanced way to attract sponsors, fans and VIP buyers.

Based on gaming technology, any venue can create a Venue Twin and start monetising their interactive, virtual asset. Signage and branding can be changed at the touch of a button - for example to showcase hospitality to potential sponsors, or how advertising will appear - and it can be integrated to ticketing solutions to provide the ultimate way for fans to see their seat (and the entire stadium) at time of purchase.

Venue Twin seamlessly integrates with OnePlan, the event planning platform used by over 3,000 events and customers including Arsenal, Chelsea, Brooklyn Nets, Silverstone and World Triathlon. Any change in OnePlan instantly updates in Venue Twin, and vice versa. Venue Twin reduces the need for site visits, with teams able to collaborate virtually 24/7, reducing costs and delivering sustainability benefits.

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