Videotron Centre

The new Videotron Centre presents itself as a built work of art and a new community centerpiece in the province of Quebec’s capital city. The arena boasts a design clearly marking the building’s function from multiple viewpoints around the city. Its white exterior and flowing wraparound windows evoke drifting snow banks and the northern character of Quebec City. The accumulations of snow, the cold, and the frigid wind which shape the Quebec landscape winter after winter became the visual theme and conceptual guideline for the region’s newest sports and cultural venue.

The wood structure, which forms the grand front entrance, is the most distinguishable design element on the building interior. Black spruce wood was selected to continue the local theme, in addition to its strong structural characteristics, and provides a dramatic appearance which frames the connected concourses. The asymmetrical window openings along the perimeter of the arena offer unique views of the city, and the white exterior is highly visible from afar.

Videotron Centre’s expansive entrance hall opens onto a formal plaza, giving the venue an open and community-friendly feel. The hall features a long, patterned-glass exterior, which minimizes the heating effects of the summer sun, offering aesthetic and functional benefits. A second wood and steel structure supports this majestic façade, which appears to float above the ground, and measures more than 300 feet long and 36 feet high. At night, the wall is lit to enhance the snowdrift inspired patterning and the arena’s overall presence.

The interior features public concourses that open into the arena seating bowl and also support the authentic winter theme. On the premium suite and loge club level, futuristic curves reflect carved icy landscapes and provide an immersive hospitality experience. Artful lighting and premium finishes bring a level of luxury to these interactive and functional environments. The arena’s seating and event floor have a number of configurations which cater to a wide variety of sports and entertainment events. There is seating for 20,396 for shows and 18,310 for hockey games. The facility meets National Hockey League standards and is capable of accommodating a future team.

For residents of Quebec City, the venue is not only an iconic showpiece, it’s a place where their culture and identity are celebrated through design. The superior craftsmanship and quality of construction alone are evidence that local contractors and the community are proud to call this venue their own. They’ve been presented with a built work of art that embraces winter as much as they do, and are delighted to tell its story to the rest of the entertainment world.


Public Relations Coordinator
Photo Credit: 
Stephane Groleau