What to Consider When Selecting Premium Gifts

The Director of Suite Services for the Milwaukee Brewers shares five keys to successful suite holder gifting programs.


Gifting in this space is a unique challenge. Most of our clients are C-suite professionals, who if they want it, probably already have it. So when I consider gifting for our clients, I try to:

1) Differentiate: Our gift is the cherry of top. It’s not something that’s going to move the Earth or close the deal. But the gift must stand out and be something C-level folks haven’t already seen.

2) Surprise and Delight: Keep your clients on their toes. Maybe one year you do something that’s on trend, and the next year you change it up. Goody boxes are on trend right now, where you give a couple of fun, unique things. It’s not a car. You’re not Oprah. But it’s something fun that connects back to the organization.

3) Gift When It’s Unexpected: Everyone gifts between Thanksgiving and the Christmas season. There is nothing wrong with that. But if you gift at a time your suite holders are not expecting it, you achieve more of that surprise and delight factor.

This year, we are trying to ensure that our gifts hit before Thanksgiving, connecting them back to a theme of giving thanks. We’ve also kicked around the idea of Christmas in July. Nobody expects a gift in July when you’re talking about baseball. But there’s a natural lull with the All-Star Game break, so you can get creative and make sure your clients are surprised and delighted by what you are doing.

4) Customize (But Only When It Makes Sense To): There is a time and a place to customize gifts. Maybe your team had a great run in the postseason, and you’ve got something truly unique that your clients cannot get anywhere else. In those situations, put their names on it, engrave it, make it special, and connect it back to that year.

5) Embrace Re-Gifting: It is absolutely ok if your clients choose to re-gift your gift. Personally, if I get something that’s cool and fun, but I know my father or my husband would think it’s the most awesome thing in the world, I love that I can re-gift that item, and I still connect it back to the person I got it from.

When it comes to gifting, get creative, get unique, and don’t be afraid to try something different.


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