Why You Need To Follow the Golden Rule of Service

The 34-year veteran of the Minnesota Twins shares his advice for the next generation of sports service and salespeople.


It’s a beautiful February day in the Champions Club at Target Field with 21-degree temperatures outside and a snow-covered field. Regardless, baseball is on its way, and we must continue to prepare to service our customers well.

The question that was put to me is what advice I can pass on to the next generation of premium seat service people and salespeople.

The biggest thing to learn is simple:

Get to know your people, not just your customers, but get to know the people around you – your ushers, your ticket takers, your security guards, your people at the gate.

The more you get to know these people, learn their names, interact with them, the more you're developing a group of people who are quick to meet the needs of your customers.

If the event staff feels like you treat them poorly, if they feel like you don't care about them, they're not likely to step up and do the extra thing that it takes to make your customer feel special.

So get to know the people around you. It's not just the smart thing to do.

It's the right thing to do.

Scott O'Connell is the Senior Director of Suite & Premium Sales for the Minnesota Twins.

Are you new to the sports and entertainment industry? Are you a veteran looking to brush up on the fundamentals?