Wizards District Gaming: Practice Space/Esports Buildout

The Wizards District Gaming practice space was built with one clear goal in mind: to make its occupants feel like they are stepping into their avatars and becoming the athletes they are.

The practice space, formerly a corporate partnership conference room, begins with a wall of personalized lockers as well as couches and chairs, a custom lava-rock table and a sponsored fridge. This area was designed to serve as a meeting space and lounge for the players, who use it for meals as well as a hangout spot. It is the team’s locker room, their primary space for the time before and after practice. From there, players walk through a ceiling-high frosted glass door and enter into the physical practice space. There are seven different gaming stations, each featuring an Xbox and a top-of-the-line gaming PC as well as two monitors, set up for the six players and the coach.

The practice facility’s sleek-modern design creates a futuristic space meant to feel cutting edge. Because it was created to catch eyes, whether on live streams or for curated content, no expense was spared on the details. The space is designed to follow the team’s primary color scheme, but also to pay homage to the city the team represents, Washington, D.C., and the games that came before it. The suite is decorated with retro video game controllers, such as SNES and Atari. The walls feature team logos and decor associated with both gaming and basketball.

The Wizards DG practice facility is designed to feel cutting edge because it is. Like the NBA 2K League its athletes play in, the space is meant to set the standard for esports as it grow in popularity worldwide.

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