Promethient, Inc.

On-site contact person: Tom Stuef, Sales Engineer
Mobile: 248-520-8033

Office contact person: Melanie Schultz, Business Manager
Office phone: 231-525-0500
Promethient Inc.
2382 Cass Road
Traverse City, MI 49684

Promethient is based in Traverse City, Michigan, Promethient designs and produces Thermavance, a human-scaled climate control technology that is adaptable, connected and designed for use in aircraft, marine, off-road, construction and recreational vehicles, furniture and stadium seating.  The company launched Thermavance seat cooling and heating technology with a major powersports vehicle manufacturer in 2020 and has continued to expand the integration of our systems into many seating applications.  Promethient Inc. is growing rapidly due to the popularity of personalized thermal comfort in many vehicle applications.

Thermavance technology conductively cools and heats seat surfaces using thermoelectric devices, graphene and safe 12 VDC power. In addition to being energy efficient, perforations in the seat surface are not required resulting in a more cleanable seat surface that is compatible with high use environments like stadium seating.  Our systems are also totally weatherproof and can meet the IP-67 rating for water and dust intrusion.   

Promethient’s advanced cooling and heating system has the potential to greatly enhance the luxury experience by providing human-scaled climate control and thereby adding individualized thermal comfort for outdoor venues.