Integrating Security and Safety into the Design and Build for an Efficient Fan Journey

The fan experience is more than what happens during live sports or entertainment events, it is created and curated during each step of their journey before, during, and after the event.  A venue’s design and how it is built can create a seamless flow from parking areas to the venue and from space-to-space.  Safety and security are inherent parts of the overall design and build of every venue and event and can be the decisive factors in the overall experience. Purposeful design and smart construction can mitigate safety and security risks and make the fans feel safe and secure. Fans who feel safe and secure are likely to spend more time and money at venues,  return for future events, and bring others, all of which increase revenue.  The panel will explore how safety and security should be factors in the design and build of every venue for the purpose of increasing the bottom line.

  • Russ Simons, Chief Listening Officer and Managing Partner, Venue Solutions Group, IIFX Distinguished Fellow
  • Lee Zeidman, President, Arena, Microsoft Theater, LA Live
  • Rick Fenton, Vice President, CSO of Corporate Security, Ilitch Holdings
  • Brian Herbert, Vice President of Security, Golden State Warriors, Chase Center
  • John Ball, Vice President of Security and Event Services, Gainbridge Fieldhouse 
White River, Salon F, Floor 1
Start Time
3:00 p.m.
End Time
3:45 p.m.