A Matter of Hospitality

Be mindful of brand comparison. If our venues are hoping to deliver the finest experience, perhaps consider what other luxury brands your buyers are interested in. What cars do they drive? What restaurants do they favor? Inevitably your brand is compared to other luxury options, probably more than we realize. Does your venue’s definition of luxury stack up?

To stay on par with other luxuries our clientele have come to expect, our newest industry executives may come from outside of sports. Take for instance, Christina Franklin, new Director of Interior Design from design firm Generator Studio, who was strategically hired from the boutique hotel design industry to leverage hospitality expertise and create ultra-premium amenities and experiences.

The firm adds that over the last decade, our industry has seen the rise of the experience economy and the importance of personalization, with modern technology raising the bar for fan expectations. Moreover, many factors have tremendous impact on design and experience including theaging of the largest consumer segment (Boomers), new focus on wellness, sustainability, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and empowerment of women.

ALSD has also learned through various panels and surveys of other factors impacting design and premium opportunities.

Roughly 25% of the US population is living with some type of disability, be it intellectual, physical, sensory, or mental illness. Measures such as sensory rooms and bags can alleviate real and perceived barriers.

There are others examples we must be attuned to, such as providing F&B options for those on restrictive diets or with food allergies, or constructing nursing rooms for breastfeeding mothers. The absence of such accommodations can easily sully an experience.

Another great impact on experience is the reduction of friction. Grab ‘n go markets, self-serve beverage options, and increased POS make for more frequent and often higher-priced F&B and merchandise purchases. Mobile ticketing and seamless security get fans in the door more efficiently, affording them more time to spend. In this win-win scenarios, per caps improve for the venue at the same time fan experience does too.

Finally, opulent restrooms on premium levels are trending. Yes, posh privacy enhances the experience. How do your restrooms stack up? Additionally, has your venue decided to do away with in-suite restrooms to add more closet space or bigger refrigerators?



Photo courtesy UBS Arena