Upgrading at a Premium Pace

As significant renovations are part of the today’s venue landscape, ALSD was curious to know more about the upgrades expected across markets. We asked Mel Raines, EVP, Corporate Communications, Community Engagement and Facility Operations, Pacers Sports & Entertainment, who is leading the Indiana Pacers’ $360 million, multiphase renovation of the newly named Gainbridge Fieldhouse, for perspectives.

What do clients expect from a premium experience?

An Experience that is unique, inviting, and fun for themselves and their guests. They also want a safe environment, with friendly and expedited service from the time they park to the time they leave the venue.

Flexibility and Options to accommodate various budgets, varietal seating and vantage points, different packages, various price points, and personalized service. Fans ask for a mix of social zones and private spaces to enjoy different hospitality environments.

Elevated F&B and flavorful menu items, whether they desire different features in inclusive spaces, custom menus for a suite, or concourse concession and bar options. 

Less Friction and reliable, fan-friendly technology to navigate mobile ticketing, mobile pay. Reliable Wi-Fi, expedited POS systems, and touchless facilities are essential. A smooth entry and exit experience are important, as guests are not willing to wait in long lines and congested spaces.

How do we enhance the premium experience? 

A Tiered Premium Approach including new premium experiences at all levels, targeted to provide a premium experience for all patrons at different locations and at different price points including all-inclusive courtside clubs and new sideline clubs.

Shapable Spaces designed to remain as flexible as possible as the venue continues making enhancements for guests. Connecting social gathering experiences back to the court also allow friends to gather while still being connected to the game experience.

Enhanced F&B and Infrastructure including increased kitchen capacity on all floors, which provides high-level culinary throughout the building and to all premium areas. In addition, a refined concession experience is minimizing wait times, while expanding offerings.

Technology Improvements such as upgraded Wi-Fi, increased POS, and new grab-and-go stores, elevating a frictionless fan experience.