The New Rules in Etiquette

In order to deliver exceptional service, you must first learn the new rules in etiquette. Today’s customers expect frictionless and white glove. They look to you to solve the problem, or at least find a solution. They want memories without having to encounter operational hurdles. This session will evaluate service, what may be missing from your operation, and what tools can enhance your teams’ etiquette. It will help full time and front line personnel understand that the gift of hospitality should be shared venue-wide.

  • Interviewee: James (JP) Payne, Founder and President, Halo Concierge
  • Host: J.P. Paul, Vice President, Corporate Development and Guest Experience, Minnesota Vikings
White River, Salon C-D, Floor 1
Start Time
1:30 p.m.
End Time
2:15 p.m.