Member Highlights

The ALSD is an association of sports and entertainment professionals from all levels of the venue marketplace, from premium seating to ticket sales, technology solutions to facility operations, and everything in between. We are decision makers, sales leaders, service pros, foodservice providers, architects, and builders of memorable experiences.

Through this collection of ALSD member highlights, presented by Spring USA, meet your peers in this community that serves to elevate your venue and career. It’s our people that makes the ALSD special and the leading organization for premium seating and venue development professionals to network, exchange best practices, and share values since 1990.


He knows that our industry is increasingly looking to differentiate premium experience and spaces, and that available venue real estate often comes up. His team helped uncork the Boone County Bourbon Press Club at Great American Ball Park. Along with bar-setting surprise and delight amenities, he explained the bar-setting bourbon barrel entryway. He’s Chris Bausano, Director of Premium Sales & Service for the Cincinnati Reds.

A trainer with roots in luxury hotels and retail, this chief experience officer teaches us that service standards become our guiding light. He asks who we are, and how we do things to understand how to set the foundation for training. His mantra is more of a question, as he level sets organizations goals. He asks: what do we want people to say, think, and feel when they walk away? He’s Chris Bryant, Chief Experience Officer, BGX l Bryant Group Experience.

A B2B and hospitality pro originally from outside of sports makes her debut with the Golden State Warriors as Director, Premium Suite Sales. She’s building deep-seated relationships more quickly than ever, and finding success by taking basketball out of the B2B conversations. She’s a proponent of an opportunity’s longevity. She’s Lois Mueller, Director, Premium Suite Sales, Golden State Warriors.

A student of the industry and the marketplace in which he works, he knows to focus on not what you're selling, but to whom you're selling. He is not only building trust and rapport, but constructing processes similar to his successful Silicon Valley counterparts. He’s learned to sell the whole opportunity. He’s Paul Ratner, Senior Director, Premium Suite Sales for the Golden State Warriors and Chase Center.

He’s a steward to hospitality, serving others always front of mind. He stands on pillars strong enough to support a growing soccer community and a mighty premium team. He believes that volume over yield will yield even more fans. He’s Tom Dunn, Senior Manager, Premium Sales & Service for the Vancouver Whitecaps FC.

As an industry veteran, she knows no experience is truly premium unless it’s bespoke. She is creating new premium destinations without moving a brick in the state-of-the-art Fiserv Forum. She’s never believed one-size-fits all. She’s a leader, and a nurturer, always lending a hand to elevate her peers and industry standards alike. She’s Kelsey Bannister, VP, Premium Sales & Service for the Milwaukee Bucks.

In his surveys, he’s found that communication from employee to client is overwhelmingly considered the most important aspect of service. It’s no surprise why he’s doubling down on communication and client touch points. He’s weaved a path into sports, out, back in again, never losing his sense of place. He’s Anthony Parilla, Sr. Manager of Sales & Retention for the New Orleans Pelicans and Saints.

He’s learned that to provide customers what they want, you must understand how they want as well. He’s a premium leader bringing a digital sales and service mindset to his Silicon Valley team, laying the foundation of customer service delivery in a new industry era. His intent, as sports and entertainment open back, is to double down the experience. He’s Jonathan White, Director of Premium Hospitality for the San Jose Sharks.

He knows that as our clients to return, the experience is paramount. He’s a premium leader who understands that we must provide much more than a standard suite package these days, especially coming out of Covid. His team has poured energy into understanding client desires and created revitalized value-add packages in multiple tiers. He’s Jody Henton, Suite Services Manager for the Indianapolis Colts.